Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Whatcha Lookin At?

Broad Ripple Art Fair Art Center Student Show 2010

This is the first of five paintings, I am pleased to say, that were sold to new buyers, and, with one exception, I had the pleasure of conversing with each individual. The one exception is the cow painting, which was bought while I was away helping at another sales area. I have to say that this picture has always pleased viewers. It was a pleasure to paint under the gentle guidance of Susan Mauck in her painting class at the Stutz ArtSpace

My biggest regret from this show, was not establishing any means of contacting any of these buyers in the future. While many viewers took business and postcards away from my booth, during all the pressure of preparation for this exhibit, I omitted to attach to the back of many of my painting, my usual 4x6 marketing card, with a thumbnail of the painting, title, size and description, plus my contact information.
It is all a learning experience (including creating the art-I am glad to say).


  1. It's terrific you sold so many works on such a dreary weekend! Congratulations! I love that your pieces are all so different.

  2. I was lucky, Karen. The Art Fair is not an ideal place for selling art, unless one is prepared to almost give it away. I think the main attraction is jewelry and ceramics and most buyers limit their spending to less than $200 and around $25-$30 per item. As to the variation in my work, that is because I am still trying to find my way.