Tuesday, May 18, 2010

On the Rocks at Doolin

My third Sale at Broad Ripple.
During a one week painting workshop in Lisdoonvara, County Clare, in the south west of Ireland, 2008, Doolin was the most frequent site visited. It is a stimulating place for an artist.
This rock table adjoining the harbor shows, in the middle and far distance, the Cliffs of Moher.

The lady who bought this painting has very strong Irish Traditional Music connections, including at least one visit to Doolin. While classicly trained, she also plays "Irish Fiddle". If she reads this, I apologize, as I am not doing justice to her story.

For those of my viewers (most-I'm sure), Doolin is the "center of the universe" in regard to Traditional, in particular for fiddle playing and has generated many of the greatest musicians living and dead. In this country (America), it would compare with the heartland region for Bluegrass Music-perhaps Lexington. It is rather interesting actually, if one considers the comparative size of the American Bluegrass region and the strongly Irish and Scottish music influence coming from tiny locations such as Doolin (population around 200!!!).

Doolin is so famous for the music that, in the spring and summer, it is crammed with tourists from all over the world, thirsting for the pub music sessions. One never knows who may turn up to play.

I painted there on a workshop for a week in 2008. The scenery is just superb and an artist's paradise.

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