Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Back to Basics

Yesterday, following my stumbling and bumbling around the Noblesville area, discovering that I am not translating what I know onto canvas, I resolved to set aside a portion of my time to re-learning basics. The primary aim is to look at light and shadow, i.e. Values. Towards this end, I intend to do some plein air value studies.

I was quite surprised when, same day, I came across the Blog of an English artist, Paul Foxton, who describes a similar pilgrimage he has made to get back long forgotten skills (in his case-not mine). In my case, most of these skills are work-in-progress.

Anyway, I thoroughly recommend visiting the following links:

Learning to See Blog


Foxton Website


Potter's Bridge, Noblesville

Last week, Thursday through Saturday, I participated in the Noblesville HCAA Second Annual Paint Out. This event, both in its first and second year, attracted most of the best Indiana artists.

For me, aside from the pleasure of meeting with and talking to, many artists of all standards of development, the two painting days were a struggle. I had not painted plein air since October 2009 and was shocked (why-I don't know) at not being "at speed" when trying to create art. The worst thing was my inability to translate the values I was observing into paint on the canvas.

I made three paintings and the one shown here, inadequate though it may be, was the best (and first) painting I created. This one, I entered for the juried competition. As usual for me, on the day when each artist sets up his or her work for judging, a cold dose of reality hit home when I viewed my work alongside many beautiful paintings. However, it is all a learning process, including closely examining other people's work to see how they see and solve.

I was delighted that Jerry Points won Best of Show, with a beautiful painting. I have not yet looked, but I suspect (and hope) Jerry displays it on his Blog.

I am making one more Post after this, today, which may be of interest to any reader.