Sunday, November 29, 2009

The Bait Diggers

This studio painting is one I intended to pair with New Friends. It also is oil on stretched cotton 18x24. I entered both for the annual juried Indianapolis Art Center Student Show 2009.

The jury accepted this one but not the other. I was formally notified that this painting won an award, but will not know what until Friday evening December 4.

I was honestly disappointed that both paintings were not accepted, as I believe they compliment one another. I guess this was not apparent to the judges.


  1. Myles...I wanted to mention earlier that this was a nice series. I hope all is well with you as I have not seen any new posts. My students have been asking about you. Must be the that accent. Planning the Summer schedule at the Stutz with some added bonus sessions, so will contact you later. Let me know if you are going to New Harmony.

  2. Hi, Jerry. Thank you for your kind comment. There will be more paintings in this vein-actually there were two more, but I scrubbed them, as I was not happy with them, but will try again.

    Yes-as the summer comes near, I will want to go Plein Air. I have not yet decided about New Harmony. I expect you are going. Farideh Peacock has been great to work with. I have just started a short 8 week session there.

    I am being very lazy with the blog-need to energize myself on this.

    Talk to you soon.