Friday, July 3, 2009

This is my effort for the recent (First) Noblesville Paintout, held 4th through 6th June. The event was a great success and very well managed. I enjoyed participating. The overall winner in the oils section was Jerry Smith, whose work I admire.
For my part, I broke all the rules and forgot almost everything of what little I have learned about plein air painting, in my zeal to get this done.
Primary rule is speed. A plein air painter is in trouble if the work is not close to being finished around the three hour mark. As an absolute, six hours to complete ought to be the limit. This does not include, perhaps, some touch up time in the studio.
I started work at my chosen location 9.30 am and worked to 3.30 pm with a half hour break. Bad enough (too long) you might say, but I came back the next morning and spent four more hours before considering the work complete.
Anyway, look at the progression. Needless to say I didn't figure in the prizes or Mentions. Having said that-the main thing is I enjoyed creating the painting and enjoyed the showing on Saturday afternoon. As a bonus, I sold a painting afterwards. That image is also attached-a studio painting Doolin Cows from a visit to Ireland in 2008

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